Technology and Patent
The right tools for an innovative system

Patent, 3D scanner and software: the scientific core of Handy Diet

Handy Diet is a patented method created on a scientific basis of innovative technologies developed with the support of professors at Politecnico in Milan and Università degli Studi in Pavia

The Software

HandyDiet allows you to create personalised diets using reference volumes, either anthropometric (hand, fist, palm, finger) or cup, dish, tennis or ping pong ball, or any other object of standard dimensions required to be entered for subsequent use. You can choose whether the prescription should show the relative grams, by means of automatically numbered notes, as well as the reference volumes. You can also create traditional diets measured in grams or by portions (small-medium-abundant and large), using a daily or weekly scheme specifying the days, or weekly indicating frequency of consumption. The patient can, then, independently modify the days on which to consume a given meal using the webApp which will automatically update the weekly calendar The program includes a database of 980 foodstuffs drawn up by the European Institute of Oncology, as well as 750 foodstuffs commonly found on retail sale in Italy, plus 250 recipes.

Years of research and development were necessary before recognition and relative patent in 2016 1 . A 3D scanner for detecting the anthropometric parameters of the hand was purposely studied and created with the support of Prof. Marco Tarabini (Politecnico in Milan) and Prof. Hermes Giberti (Politecnico in Pavia). To speed up the evaluation of hand size in the laboratory, a specific mousepad was created; centres wishing to deepen their knowledge of the method and to carry out research can interface the software with a 3D hand acquisition device.

  1. Patent no. 1420803, 29 January 2016, Method and system for a customized definition of food quantities based on the determination of anthropometric parameters. Inventor-owner: Michele Sculati.